How You Can Help Grow the SAINTofSINS Channel

The YouTube gaming scene is notable for being a nice way for people to try and earn money for various reasons through their gameplay, commentary, or variety of original content.  For some this is a nice incentive to continue sharing in their favorite hobby of gaming, for others its the driving reason behind their every contribution to your subscription inbox.

One way a person can truly stand out in this heavily competed market of entertainment is a varied selection of content, typically being a wide selection of game play footage.

My goal for providing you with a wide range of content is to do more than just record a wide variety of game play footage, but rather to create original content.  Such original content in mind would be a year long baseball podcast featuring my close friend, Big Guy.

Other ideas to provide for your viewing pleasure would be digital art projects ranging from speed art to tutorials.

But focusing solely upon games for the sake of this article, the way you can help grow my content isn't by PayPal donations.  Quite the contrary, money donated directly to me via PayPal are looked upon as funds for future video projects - namely buying royalty free music, stock footage, stock photos, etc.  These donations are your way of encouraging video projects such as music videos and video packages that benefit you directly rather than supplying me with a means to buy the latest game releases.  So for every dollar you donate you help the channel's library of resources to be more creative than your standard gaming director's content.

Instead, to help aide me in obtaining new games you can donate nothing more than a little bit of your time.

For me, your time is a better donation contribution to my cause of obtaining new video games for your viewing benefit thanks in large part to websites such as SwagBucks, iRazoo, Lockerz, and Bing Rewards Program.  Simply signing up under my referral links for the following digital currency websites helps me out almost as much as a donation to any other YouTube director would.

The beauty of this suggestion for help is it can also help you out.  Referrals are considered a really good and quick way to accumulate points for earning items such as Amazon gift cards.  Every time you earn points for searches, your referral gets an equal amount of points based upon the site's rules.

By simply following the directions below you can help me out for every successful search result you are rewarded with points.

Click the link on your left hand side and follow the registration instructions.  After registering with the site, perform two searches every twelve hours.  For each successful search you are rewarded 10 or more points you help me gain an equal amount for my own account.

Click the link on your left hand side and follow the registration instructions.  After registering with the site, perform as many searches as you wish during the day.  You can earn points for searches every hour, but you are almost guaranteed points for searches every two hours.  For each successful search you are rewarded any amount of points I earn an equal amount for my own account.

Click on the link on your left hand side and follow the registration instructions.  After registering with the site, you do not have to do anything more as I will have received points for your registration.  However, you can earn points for searches and redeem them for Microsoft Points.

Beyond all of this, simply watching my videos, reading my blogs, and clicking on the advertisements helps me out just as much.  It costs almost nothing of you but a little bit of time and you don't have to do anything that would compromise your personal information.

I only ask of you to do this if you enjoy what you see on my channel and feel up to helping me grow.  If I'm not doing a good enough job of entertaining you then obviously I shouldn't ask of you to waste more of your time for me.

So if you enjoy what kind of content I put out and want to see more of the same, or want to see new things then jump on board and help out.  Every minute helps.


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